Northeast Three Provinces RC Games 2015, Harbin, China


The game was held on September 5th, 2015 at Zhaodong Civil Airfield. More than 100 audience, 5 RC brands, and 40 competitors

attended the event.  There were 4 games held on the day, including  Heli 3D, Heli Task Funfly, Aeroplane 3D and Aeroplane Airbattle.

The event accomplished a total success. The gamers and audience received their joy and happiness.


RC OMG was one of the main sponsors of the game, who provided 2 sets of  high-end H4 servos, 2 sets of H1/H2 servos,

2 separated tail servos and many apparels such as T-shirts and caps. 

The company built up a big tent and several flags   and banners at the field, to let the audience be acquainted with the brand.

The first 3 places of Heli 3D competition of the game goes to:

1st.Yang Chuanlei
2nd.Li Yunhe
3rd.Zhang Jigang