Shenyang RC Games, Shenyang, 2015

The game was held on September 12th, 2015 at Shenyang Quansheng Airfield. More than 150 audience, 10 RC brands,

and 30 competitors attended the event. 3 games were held on that day, which includes Heli 3D, Aeroplane F3A and Aeroplane P3A.

Some international players and friends also attended the event including fans from England and Russia.

RC OMG was a major sponsor of the game, who provided 1 set of H1/H2 servos. The company build up a big tent and several flags

and banners at the field, which absorbed huge attention from the audience. People circled around the RC OMG's tent and consulted

the servos with all categories.

The first 3 places of Heli 3D competition of the game goes to:

1st.   Niu
2nd.   Han Hao
3rd.   Li Yunhe