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V3 Micro Gyro for Drift car and Touring Drift F1
Price: $58.99
Red Black Purple

Working voltage: 4.8 ~ 8.4V       

Consumption current: 20mA/6V        

Working temperature: -10 ℃ + 50 

Support input signal: PWM (50-333Hz)/FUTABAS. BUS 

Output servo signal: 1520uS (333Hz)              

Control system: PID control system

Switch function setting(servo travel setting, positive and negative setting)

Travel setting:
Press SW switch to power on, the signal light flashes slowly at the same time, enter the servo travel setting, turn the rudder of the remote controller to make the servo turn to the required position (left/right), press it briefly SW switch,signal light flash twice, the red light becomes always on, the green light slowly flashes, indicating that this journey has been saved, and then rotate the  remote control rudder to make the steering gear turn to the position needed in another direction, short press the switch, signal light flash 2, The tsignal light flashes, indicating that this journey has also been saved. 2S later,  the gyroscope automatically enter the initialization, and it can work normally after the initialization is complete.

Default setting of journey recovery: 

Press SW switch to power on the journey setting mode, press switch 3S, the signal lights start flashing alternately, and it will return to the default setting after 2S. Then enter the initialization, it can normal work.after the nitialization has completed.

Setting of positive and reverse sensitivities: 
Under normal working conditions, long press SW switch 3S, and then the green light flashes slowly 3 times, switch the positive and reverse sensitivities.

Signal Input Mode:

1. PWM (50-333Hz) is suitable for most remote control systems, when the sense line is not  inserted, the gyroscope itself potentiometer is used for sense mode control.

2. FUTABA S.BUS is applicable to FUTABAS.BUS remote control system. When S.BUS signal is input, CH3 channel is used for sensitivity mode control by default, and the gyroscope sensitivity lines are not used.

Sensitivity mode function: 
1. Sensitivity adjustment by remote control sensitivity channel (default when SBUS input),range from -100% ~ 0 ~ + 100%. The green light is always on when the use 

sensitivity channel is working.

a.0 is no sensitivity. 

b. -100%/+ 100% is the maximum sensitivity.

2. When no sensitivity line input is used, use the gyroscope's own potentiometers for sensitivity sizing. The red light is always on.

LED                          Status 
Green flash:                              gyroscope  initialization 

Green slow flash:                     remote control signal loss 

Green normally bright             operation mode/sensitivity channel adjustment sensitivity 

Red normally bright                operation mode/gyroscope potentiometer adjustment sensitivity 

Red slow flash                         sensitivity forward and backward setting 

Yellow slow flash                     travel setting mode